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Free paytm cash trick in india/Latest earning app 2020

Published 3 months ago5 min read4 comments
free paytm cash trick in india


If you are good at 8 ball pool like platforms than there is a good news for you.Here is a genuine way to earn paytm cash online in india with no investment.You won't be charged a single penny for reading this premium blog.The all new earning app for 8 ball pool lovers is here.Most awaited application is launched with the name POOL KING PRO where you will get rs ₹105 bonus as signup which you can use to participate in head2head play and can double your invested amount in a single win.Play with ₹5,₹10,₹25,₹50,₹100,₹200 and get doubled amount in a single winning.Join me for a game of 8 ball pool on Pool King Pro & win real cash prizes. Register using this link & get Rs.105* on signup and Rs.50 on 1st deposit as a referral bonus on sign up! This is one of the best free paytm cash trick in paytm cash trick in indiaDownload Pool King Now


Hello,In this blog i will tell you an easy way to earn money at home without investing a single penny,You may have heard about filling surveys and earning money and it may be possible that you have tried it once but today i will going to tell you a trusted website that is amazing and sponsor surveys from MNC'S and reputed companies of the world for research purposes,thus it tends to give high amount per survey.

Giving your opinions on survey just by filling 5 to 15 minutes of form online can make you earn rupees 30 to 200 on MOBROG.It is one of the trusted sites that is fully reliable in terms of redeeming payment.Here,you can find a lot of surveys that are relevant to you.The best thing is that this site has its strict privacy policy which ensures that your data is fully secure.I itself was registered to this site and earned sufficient money to buy a redmi 5A like smartphone in 1 month by working 1hr/day.Being a student you can get your pocket money by utilising your spare time.Now you can imagine how much you can earn.If you are really intrested to make some money in your spare time you can register to this site using this link:free paytm cash trick in india Click here to signup and earn on mobrog and get referral bonus too.It is one of the best site for earning money online


  • Country should be India
  • Select female in gender option to get much surveys
  • Select Tier 2 cities like Pune,Lucknow,Surat,Dehhradun,Indore etc.
  • Kindly use the registered information while filling up surveys to avoid getting freezed
  • Use Pincode of selected city for example for lucknow use 226021,you can also search for pincode on google for other cities.
  • Age should be between 24 to 30 to get more surveys.


free paytm cash trick in india

This is one of the popular trick that really works,Many apps use this marketing technique to save advertising money.hence,they save a lot of money and invest it in their referral programme.This type of marketing is beneficial for both the customer as well as the seller/product owner.Here is a list of apps that are providing much amount in their referral programme.These apps are tested and fully safe to use.

free paytm cash trick in india

App Name REFERRAL Amount
Winzo Gold App ₹222/refer
Minijoy rs20/refer
Pay-box app rs50/refer
Golden Match 3 rs50/refer
Vclip rs50/refer
MPL Pro app rs70/refer
Zupee Gold app rs20/refer
Rozdhan app rs30/refer
The panel station rs40/refer
Google pay(tez) rs50/refer


:FREELANCING-Serve your skills

free paytm cash trick in india

If you have any skill than you can earn alot out of it.There are many freelancing sites that have huge community where you can serve your skill.You can do graphic designing,web designing,logo making,app developing,content writing,email scraping etc.After lockdown these sites have gain more popularity because they provide fully work from home based jobs where you have to interact digitally.Now the question arises how much you can earn? The answer to this question is "No limit".Yes there is no limit of earning from this platform.I have seen people earning 100K+ per month using these platforms.It depends upon how proficient you are at your skill.Expertise in a specific skill will definitely make you productive valuable.Here is a list of some good freelancing sites.Have a look!

  • Fiverr
  • Peopleperhour
  • Truelancer
  • Upwork
  • Designhill
  • Toptal
  • We work remotely
  • Behance
  • Dribbble


This is one of the worst earning trick online.There are bulk of apps launched in india where you can play small games like wheel of fortune,puzzle games,snake games etc and earn little money by giving your bulk of time. You will not probably enjoy the game because you will feel that you are working,not playing. "Play games to enjoy and learn,not to earn".I have seen people losing money by playing these games and wasting their time.Time is precious,you should use it for productive purpose.These apps claims that players have earned crores by playing with their app,but think if you are hardly earning rs1000 a month how can they earn 1000K+.Many websites and yt channels are promoting them to make money.But think wisely before following others.Rest choice is yours!😂😂😂😂 Comments are welcomed for this post🙏


World is entering into digital era and the future economy will wholly based on digital platform.Digital transformation is speeding up in buying/selling,recruiting,education and other fields.MNC'S have begin to take their business online because they have realised technology is replacing traditional source of working.After lockdown there is a heavy boost in online and digital platforms services.Everyday Thousands of domain are registered.Domain name represents the digital brand name of the company.Hence,companies are eager to take their suggested domain at any cost.for example "" is a domain name with ".com" extension.You can buy domains at cheap prices and sell them at high prices.Here is a list of domains with their prices for which they are sold for;

Domain Names Prices Price in Indian Rupees(INR) 30 Million 224 Crores approx. 18 Million 124 Crores approx. 11 Million 75 Crores approx. 8.5 Million 75 Crores approx. 7.5 Million 50 Crores approx

You can also buy domains and sell them for higher prices. Here are some tips which will help you chosing catchy domains and make profit out of it.

TIPS FOR Domain Trading

  • Domains with .com extension are under high priority for sale.
  • Choose short length domain
  • Always choose one word or 2 words domain,you can also choose 3 words if you think it is popular.
  • Choose perfect aim price for buyer.
  • Be active and responsive to inquiries.
  • Do not buy bulk domains at once,buy domains only after proper research.
  • buy domains which can be sold within 12 to 24 months as you have to pay for renewal.

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