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Best books for Ssc chsl exam

Published 3 months ago5 min read4 comments
best books for ssc chsl exam

Are you Preparing for SSC Exams? Finding for the best books for ssc chsl/cgl? No worry,Today i am going to give you educational dose on choosing the best books for ssc exams,which is said to be one of the reputed exams of india.So,Stay tuned with this blog!SSC being a recruitment department under central government has syllabus mostly resembles to other central government jobs.Its syllabus mainly comprises of following subjects namely:

  • General English
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • General Ressoning
  • General Knowledge

  • Hence,we will mention 4 recommended books for its preparation as they will cover syllabus as a whole.


    This is as follows:-

    Objective General English by S. P. Bakshi This books covers most syllabus of general english.Important point is that,the language used in this books is so easy to understand hence it proves to be language friendly.You will like learning from this book. 9789351768449
    Quantitative Abilities Arithmetic Ability by Kiran Prakashan Quant being a tough subject for many of us.Choosing a book for this subjects is also a difficult task,But this book will surely help you understand quant from basic to advance.Give it a try! 9788121924986
    Analytical Reasoning by M.K Pandey Reasoning questions can be your plus point in ssc exams because they require a bit more solving time and you can compete others by using reasoning short tricks/shortcuts and can be a step ahead of your competitors.This books have many short tricks for solving reasoning questions in less than stipulated time. 9788190458917
    General Knowledge by Lucent Publication I think i dont need to introduce this book because you are already aware of this book if you are government job aspirant.I know it is a very hard task to memorise bulk of objective questions.Ok i have a trick,Just buy it and eat its paper to memorise.Ofcourse,I am Joking bro!.You need to have patience and set a task to learn 5 or 10 pages (whatever you feel comfortable with) in 2 days.This trick will surely help you. 9785111109682

    NOTE:There are more books other than mentioned above which are also best for preparation.These books give an idea of best books for ssc chsl exam.Choosing best book is totally your choice as it depends upon opinion of the people.

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