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Best indian apps like tiktok

Published 1 week ago5 min read4 comments
Best app like tiktok made in india

Hello and a warm welcome,Are u still missing tiktok?.Choosing best app like tiktok made in india, is a herculean task.No worry! Well, there is a flood of apps like tiktok in india and i am sure that you are not able to conclude that which of them is best and which is going to be most popular in future.Today,I will tell you about those apps which is said to be the best alternative for tiktok.These apps are made from experienced developer and they assure that they will provide bunch of interesting features like tiktok which you are awaiting for.These apps are constantly working to develop a better platform than tiktok to amuse all of you.New features are added with every update and you will soon forget tiktok as they will fully replace their empty place.Now,the only thing is that these apps that i have mentioned below are not fully developed with added features like tiktok but they are performing well and ready to gain popularity over short video platform categories.You must signup with your name as soon as possible to avoid getting notice that username is taken by others.


  • Moj short Video app by Sharechat
  • Link:Download MojThis is a short videos app by sharechat,which is said to be a reputed app in playstore with 100M+ downloads.

  • Roposo
  • Link:Download RoposoCrossed more than 50M downloads.This app is packed with a bunch of exciting features like tiktok

  • Tikkik(under development)
  • Link:Download Tikkik I do not recommend this app because it has tested our patience too much and we are expecting much from this app but it has launched its app with nothing intresting

  • Chingari
  • Link:Download ChingariYou may try this for enjoynig local and regional short videos.

  • BoloIndya
  • Link:Download BoloIndyaThis made in india app has more than 10M downloads on playstore and is still gaining popularity.

  • Trell
  • Link:Download TrellGood app but lacks some features.May try atleast once because it has a better UI

  • MX Takatak
  • Link:Download MX TakatakSeems good and improving its app fastly for building huge community.

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